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Branding Identity

Branding and identity development play a large role in much of the work we produce. A brand is more than just a logo – it expands to brand name, corporate identity system, brand strategy & marketing. We provide an all-in-one service for business from beginning to publish, add characteristics and soul into the brand; Collectively all the elements become an identity of your business, product or service.

Our design process starts from brand naming. A good name can lead to a series of related elements for the brand, a strong yet remarkable symbol, and stories of your products.


Graphics & Package Design

While the product itself is the soul, the package is the physical appearance of the product. The brand visual identity, story telling, label and target audience, all these resource become the product package design.

Package design isn’t just being creative, but also with the marketing strategy. Where, How, What, Who, When. We collect all the data, analysis the market, and create the best strategy of the product.


UI Interactive Design

While UI (User Interface) Design is the communication between user and system, UX (User Experience) is the element of interaction and display in design process. Online and mobile app are now very popular products in the world, a well designed app meaning a well UI/UX Design.

A good UI design isn’t just an artistic presentation, but user friendly & interactive yet simple interface that allows user to use easily. Our UI Design process includes target audience discovery, user story board, wireframe, interactive design, and user experience design.


Web Design & Development

As the mobile grows, responsive websites are becoming the trend of digital world. Website automatically changes its layout view based on the device screen size. It can be compatable with any device, with only one-time change of the page content. It also creates a perfect integration with Company wechat page, as well as improve the search engine ranks.

Upon the completion of the web development, we also teach our clients how to manage their website in order to improve their website ranks, and how to make their business digitally with more online marketing strategy.


Social Media Strategy

Advertising of weixin campaigns, the mini apps, are now becoming the most effective online marketing strategy, for brand to share information and latest news with their followers. We find out what you need, and turn your ideas into an interactive weixin app to gather followers and loves.


Content Management System

WordPress is by far the most powerful CMS in the world, it’s flexible, user friendly, ease of use, and extendable. We extend the power of WordPress with a series of features:

  • Multillingual management
  • User group access
  • Media management, image editor
  • Better content editor interface
  • Post structure customization
  • eCommerce System
  • Post revision, databse backup
  • Cache System for faster loading
  • Security & Firewall
  • SEO Tool

Hosting Solution

Hosting environment customization based on clients’ needs, as well as a series of powerful tools to gain faster, more stable, more security hosting. Cloud hosting Aliyun, Linode, and DigitalOcean are our default choices of hosting provider, they are stable, reliable and flexible, and will keep your websites online all time. Here is a list of hosting services that we provide:

  • Hosting Management System
  • ICP Registration (China only)
  • Server Daily Backup
  • Server Security Update
  • CDN (Content Delivery Network)
  • Domain DNS & management
  • Email Hosting


We specialise in food, interior and lifestyle photography, but we are also interested in architectural photography and more than happy to work within other sectors.